Chain Reactions

I teach gifted children in a pull-out program.  As part of my class, my kids work on Chain Reactions, a precursor to Rube Goldberg projects.  In order to model the process for them, I’ve created and filmed a series of experimental chain reactions.  They start small, and grow in complexity over time.

All of the music for these videos comes from!

The first one is very simple.  An inclined plane, a ball, and a target.

Adding a bit of complexity… with a vision of things to come.

A longer chain, and across two tables.

Some experimentation…

Watch for the results of the experiment at the beginning of this chain.

New materials testing.

A quick experiment.

Short Chain Experiment (Roll the Dice)

Two experiments combined… with a failure compilation at the end!

A quick trial of an idea…

A Student Chain Reaction!

Extending the Wrecking Ball

Tried another extension

More to come?  We shall see!


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