Photography by Michael Allard

The owls pictured below are ambassador animals, having been rescued by Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation in High Springs, Florida.

The Great Horned Owl is Einstein, who had failed to thrive and was rescued by a professor who helped him learn how to stand and eat.  He can’t hunt or forage, so he can’t be released back in the wild, the preference for all the animals rescued by Sunrise.  Happily, he makes a wonderful ambassador and helps educate the public throughout North Florida about the beauty and the plight of owls.

Ruby (pictured below) is an Eastern Screech Owl who was hit by a car and rescued.  Unfortunately, she suffered some brain damage that affected her eyesight.  Specifically, she can no longer see at night, which is a particularly difficult problem for a nocturnal hunter.  Happily for us, however, she makes a wonderful animal ambassador and helps educate the public about these…

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